Intense laying out of our project

Yes, it was intense. Because the thing is that we don’t really know what is expected of us, nor do have any experience or knowledge in project laying out (both in terms of tasks and schedule). The only time I got any close to that was in PACT, and it ended up in full pipo screen shots from full pipo Gantt diagrams, which we never worked with. It showed out well and did the joke.

This time we hope we have something consistent ! But it remains that we have no idea how long each task will be to accomplish … With no experience, it’s hard to say. We hope it’ll work. We’ve reduced objectives a bit, settled for WiFi protocols and chips.

Whatever happens, we’re on board for learning a lot, practicing a lot, and seeing results. That to me is the ultimate way to gain real knowledge.

Charles THIN

ROSE 2013

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