Presentation and TP

This week-end, I had two objectives :

– first of all, the presentation on Monday must be ready. So we created our ppt, and we discussed a lot about “Are our PSSC clear and useful?”, “Do we plan to finish that part on the 21st or on the 25th?”, “Are you fine with that responsibility?”… Also, we started to think about what components would be in our project. It is a kind of architecture version 0.1 .

– Moreover, I worked few hours on the practical work about “STM32”. I think I am close to something reasonable with all the “board.h”, “halconfig…”,… and my “main.c”. I am not sure it work, but at least it compile. Now, I engaged a huge fight with “openocd.cfg”, in order to be able to test my code…

Frederic Wylomanski

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