My whole day was dedicated to the STM32 board.
With the help of my teacher I finally managed to get the configuration right. Two of the major difficulties I encountered were :

  • not modifying the ChibiOS sources. I created my own folder for my project but there were a lot of adjustments to make concerning the different links towards the board and configuration files. However thanks to this, I am able to commit on github only my work and not all the ChibiOS sources with is handy.
  •  test.c bugs. To have a start base, I copied a demo folder containing some functions. And when compiling, the file test.c (used to check the equipment is allright) expects a special configuration which was different from mine.

I also did a little bit of reading concerning the threads and managed to handle the LEDs.

I can now have several of them blinking alternatively at a chosen frequency.

Jean-Baptiste Lescher

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