Let there be light

Yesterday, I succeeded the first step of the turning on a led and make it blinking. Now I’m trying to implement the PWM functions.

About the project, I’m thinking about the DASH7 to be used in our project, it has a good range and transmit through concrete and water, things that Xbee doesn’t do .So I took a look at Wizzilab a society, from the incubator of Telecom ParisTech that have conceived a mote using the DASH7 just like the XBee mote, with the TI CC430F5137 chip.

About my computer, a technician will come and change my screen Wednesday, Dell after sales service reactivity is impressive. But that implied that I won’t have my computer Wednesday, this is boring me for doing the configuration with Expedition PCB that we are going to do, and for my practical work on the STM32.



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