What a life, my friends, what a life.

So, after battling valiantly and skillfully Tuesday night against ENS (but loosing because of uncaring judges – that’s what they said), I went back to work Wednesday morning and got the PWM to work, as well as Threads. Things are actually easier than they first appear to be, it’s just that we often lack sufficient explanations and have to figure it out either from the presentation slides from last Friday (which is rarely enough), external documentation, and that of ChibiOS (which is complete but explains nothing either). We learn a lot by the minute, but it’s all from trial and error, because in the end that’s all we really have to learn – ourselves. And GDB, which is pretty neat (I just need to find how to execute multiple commands at once, to simplify halting the board, reloading the program and resetting the board every time).

But then when you have a complicated LCD screen with weird configurations and timings all over the place, GDB proves helpless, as it gets stuck in those sleep calls. So I quit on that (I managed to initialize the screen) and moved on to ZigBee in the (dire) hope to have enough ready for tomorrow.

As for RoseRolls we’re about to figure out updated objectives seeing as we now intent to use Sphero’s mechanics. And we’ll probably drop the camera idea, because Sphero ain’t transparent and the internal parts actually move quite a bit. We might focus on communication with the smartphone or another Sphero.

Charles THIN

ROSE 2013

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