Almost Ready for the communication Challenge

Since Monday I spent a lot of time working with the stm32 board and making little achievements step by step. I finally achieved to make all the different parts work: LCD, button interrupts, rgb leds, xbee, using threads with mutexes and making the buzzer ring.  There is one little last step I need to do and will finish this afternoon: make the buzzer ring at the frequency received via xbee.

Since I worked a lot for this part of the class I didn’t have much time to think and talk about the Rose Rolls project with the team.  There is a huge modification in our objectives because we acquired 2 spheros to play with. Instructors suggested that we can hack them for our project instead of building a complex mechanical system for a Spheric Robot.  Because these balls are tiny we withdrawn the idea of putting a camera on it. However one new axis of reflexion is to explore the communication between 2 spheros and I am really liking this idea. We still need to clarify those points together and make sure that everyone agrees with that. We already lost some time changing the subject but it’s better now than later when it’s too late.

See ya.


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