Looking for our components

Today, we had a pre-holiday meeting with the other student of roled team. We discussed a lot about the component we had found during our research of the past few days. Thibaut and Coralie showed us a great type of led: cheap, with a good angle of visibility (130°). Victor told us about two different version of the kinect captor. One for XBox and the other one for Windows, the second one is more precise in the detection of the movements of a person.
Personally, I search about led driver, I found one very interesting: the LT8500. It can control 48 strings of LED (so 16 for RGB LED), and it is controllable with a SPI bus. The fact that it has 48 outputs is really interesting for our project (far better than the classical 16 outputs). And the SPI bus which allow a debit of 1MBs fit our need (we made the calculation and we need 700Kbs if we want 25frame per second, with two refreshment of each fram – a refreshment is to display one by one all the horizontal sheet of LED).
I also looked for distance sensor to implement our movement recognition. It looks like we should use ultrasonic captor. I found the LV-MaxSonar EZ1 which could be great (small (cube of 1cm*1cm*1cm), detection from 7mm to 6 meter,…) but it is a bit expensive. So I will try to look for cheaper one…

I am also working on my stm32 practical work. I can receive message via xBee. Now I am configuring all my PWM, but my card seems to let me down…

Frederic Wylomanski

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