What a day!

What a day !

Yes, yes, I know, every one already said that. Some even wrote poetry. But hell, you have to admit it’s true ! And they want it to be like that. So I too guess I have my experience to share. Or to keep to myself, because this post isn’t about my life.

It’s just that some days just start with the shaft, but overtime (and with the help of generous people that bring you food) it reverses to that nice, efficient elevator you’re used to – and in the one same day you go from dark to bright, and from down to up. It takes random little things – friends, usually, people that matter – and in one day you go from Bill Evan’s darkest album to Disturbed’s wildest, stopping in the middle by Poulenc’s calmest work.

But, this isn’t about my life. It’s about actually understanding lots of things you knew nothing about – or only concepts which are close to useless when at code level with a documentation that doesn’t explain functioning but only describes things. Yeah, I guess the grumpy dude from this morning reappears. But guess what ! I made my way out of my problems, and if I manage to understand Events and implement the buttons with that, I’ll say I did well, I adapted, I learned ! And I did have fun at the end too, it’s important to have fun (it’s what makes other people jealous when they don’t understand why you’re having fun and not them, and make them call you a geek and give you despising looks and go back to a work they themselves find boring as hell but looks more regular).

Here are a few jokes to finish, that could sum up our day :

A guy walks into a bar, and heads for the counter. So far, so good. When he opens his mouth to call the bartender, he says : “安慰”. The bartender says : “You’ve come to the wrong place, stranger. We speak ASCII here. Get out.”

A guy walks into a bar, goes to the bartender, and asks for a bottle of whisky and a glass. He pours whisky into the glass, but pours too much of it, and the precious drink flows over onto the counter. The bartender slaps him in the face and shouts “Buveur overflow !”, and forces him to get out unexpectedly.

A guy walks into a bar and says “Hello, I’d like”

“Comin’ right up. Do you”, replies the bartender.

“a glass of bourbon without” says the man.

“want ice with that ?” replies the bartender.

“ice please.” says the man.

The bartender acknowledges, gives him an empty glass and puts ice in it. Morality : synchronize when you communicate.

A man stands still in front of a bar. His eyeledlid starts to blink. He smile and thinks “Now I can enter the bar.”. But when he tries to walk, he falls. Morality : when you can’t make your ledlid blink, you’ve got nothing, but when you can, you’ve still got nothing.

Version 2 : A man is at a bar counter. A cute girl approaches and leans at the counter, paying no attention to the man. The man starts to blink his eyelid. The girl notices him and turns to talk. But the man freezes, and he can’t speak, and the girl, annoyed, leaves the bar. Morality : when you can’t make your lid blink, you’ve got nothing, but when you can, you’ve still got nothing.

A man walks into a bar and shouts : “Hello, World !”. Everyone in the bar claps.

A man walks into a bar. There’s a newspaper with a heavy headline full of many different titles. The bartender is wiping the counter with a cloth. The man asks for a glass of whisky. The bartender crashes. Morality : check the busy flag, and wait.

A random man walks into a bar. The bartender says : “Ack from RM !”. Everyone in the bar broadcasts compliments.

A guy walks into the bar, and asks ten thousand eight hundred and sixty seven times for a glass of whisky. It takes twenty days, fifteen hours, thirty-nine minutes and forty three seconds to the bartender to serve him his beverages. Meanwhile, all the customers die of starvation waiting for theirs.

Haha. Whatever, I made them up, I’m the one to blame. But before I go, I’ll give you the name of the bar : it’s “Ellef Attack”. And with ten more people, it’ll have served 4200 customers in its history. Good night.

Charles THIN

ROSE 2013

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