LED and animation

During the past two days, the main objective was to choose our LED. Coralie have presented us some types, we chose one of them. Then Alexis told us that we chose 5mm LEd and that it could be a bit small. So I came to test some LED at Alexis’ office. It was clear that 5mm LED were very small. Because one of our objective is to made a relatively large cube, 10mm LED are a much better choice.  Moreother, we were a bit afraid of the luminosity of the 10mm LED, but in my opinion it will be sufficient.

during the LED test, the teacher give us some path to explore. In my case, I have started to look at software which will help us to generate 3D animation.  I am also cleaning my code of the communication challenge. And that is a long work… 😉

Frederic Wylomanski

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