Common anode?

This week, our objectives is to select the other components (now that the LED are on their way…). I have already looked a lot into all the existing LED driver. And I showed this morning to the other members of the group, a solution using two different types of drivers (LT8500 and LT3595a). The interesting one is the LT3595a which allows to deliver the current to the LED using a PWM modulation. The LT8500 can only do the same thing by controlling a transistor, which is less interesting.
Alexis told us about the TLC5951 from Texas Instrument. It is a 24 channel LED sink driver. Its particularity is that you can configure “group” PWM, to prevent our cube from a difference in the intensity between the different color. In fact: you can reduce luminosity of green and blue because red is less bright… It is clearly better, but because this is a sink driver, I think it will only work if our LED are with a common anode. I have just asked Coralie about that… Let’s hope.
Otherwise, I am now focusing on two ways to develop animation for the cube. Yo can easily use Matlab to develop geometric animation. But now, I will try to see if we can use Blender to create much more figurative animation. I am juggling between all the different output format of Blender to see if one of them can appears easily usable for our cube!

Frederic Wylomanski

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