How to open a robot and remove a board

Here is the story of How I Managed to Yell at the Metal

During the holidays, since I had no appropriate tools for that, I decided to open Sphero with my knife. It took me about 3 hours since the plastic was really tough and the inside fragile. After that, I wanted to remove the board from the robot to have a look at what was under it. But, it happens that the final screw didn’t want to go out as easily: it refused to move, and the more we tried to move it the more it was deformed. So I tried with my mate several methods to get rid of that problem…

Several screwdrivers… Fail.
Elastic for the screwdriver for more adhesion… Fail.
Super Glue the screw and the screwdriver… Fail.
The famous ball-point method… Fail.

I finally had to saw the screw with a cutter in order to use a flat screwdriver… I took me about 2 extra hours.
And there I was. I yelled at the screw to free all my frustration that was pilling up during this long time!

Fortunately, the result was amazing, and I’m looking forward to go further on this project!

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