Last week was a school holiday. However I spent some time working on the Kalman filter,  I read several articles that explained the basics of the filter and studied the demos to thoroughly understand it.

So far, the rest of the group is not sure about weither or not they want to do it because it seems fairly complicated. Now that I have started to work on it, I find it very interresting and I would be fairly disapointed if we were to give it up.

I spend all today’s morning installing PCB-Exploration but finally managed to do it for this afternoon lab session.

Tonight we will have a group meeting, I will explain to the others what I have understood so far, thus I hope it will help them save time.

Alexis has lended me the book : Optimal State Estimation: Kalman, H Infinity, and Nonlinear Approaches by  Dan Simon.  I will sart to read it tonight.

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