Meeting with a 3D Graphics teacher.

As mentioned Pierre earlier we spent some time during the holidays to clarify the architecture of our project. We discovered yesterday that it wasn’t satisfactory so we’re currently crafting a new one.

Also we arranged a meeting with Jean Le Feuvre, a 3D graphics teacher from our school. He gave us some pieces of information concerning how 3D graphics were defined and the main formats. He advised us to start with a universally adopted and simple format : the .obj. Here’s some examples of .obj files.

Also he described how we should proceed to convert a 3D image to the scatter plot associated to be sent to our embedded system. He gave us the names of algorithms and routines easy to implement that we should use.

What we have to do now is to follow the tracks he showed us to start converting simple images.

Edit : I will give more details about the methods to be used when we’ll have learned more about them.

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