Day 23 and before

During the last days we decided the architecture of our cube and the driver we are going to use. After having realised that in all my patterns the anode and the cathode were on the wrong place, the whole architecture became more easy. Now we have some LEDs and we will be able to do little cubes to test and choose the size of the cube and how to build it. What’s more I saw some students in first year who did a 8x8x8 cube and we talked about the realisation.

Alexis and Samuel suggested another way for our detectors. Instead of buying some we will use the wires of our cube as detector. Tonight I started research about how to do it and it seems pretty feasible.

Today we started to use the software to create our own PCB. We split the beginning of the work in the class and, with Frederic, I am in charge of the LED and their driver.

Coralie Thourault

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