Days 24&25 and our first cube

Yesterday I built, with the help of Thibaut, a 3x3x3 cube

For the moment we can only light the LEDs thanks to two wires and a battery.
Today I continued some research about using the wires as detectors, I try to understand how software works.

For the PCB, I finished the pinout yesterday morning and the schema of my part yesterday evening. Today I tried to add everybody’s part in my schemas, changing the name of wires and understanding the way everything works. I will continue it tonight.

Coralie Thourault

3 comments to Days 24&25 and our first cube

  • Florent

    Cool video 🙂

    What kind of detector do you mean by “using the wires as detectors”? A way to know what the user is doing with the cube?

  • Coralie

    We will detect the position of the hands around the cube, so we will play games on the cube with our hands.
    Thibaut will explain in a future post the way we will detect the hands.