Other components

This week the team have realized two tasks. One of them was to build a small cube (3*3*3) in order to test our manufacturing methods, and also in order to start coding some display algorythm…

On the other side, and this what I was mainly working on, with finally have our architecture and our main components. The LED and the driver has been chosen. I verified that the necessary debit to display an animation is not too high. Now we will focus on the chose of the microcontroler, we will need a lot of SPI port (at least 5!) and a high cadence. Also, to control the “stages” of the cube, we will need transistors, but I am also looking if a demultiplexor which supports enough current exists (it does not seem to be). Finally, I will finish by looking at a simple gyroscope (the best will be an autonomous gyroscope which we do not need to solder to the PCB).

At last, I spend a lot of time on the PCB practical work, I have finished my electric scheme. I have a quite satisfying placement. I have a routing but it is not really good. I am trying to improve it…

Frederic Wylomanski

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