What’s been achieved today

  • We shared with our instructors the architecture we made up yesterday. It turned out that it wasn’t possible to implement it because of the size of our cylinder (around 2Mbits) and of the animation (32Mbits/s of animation). The size available in RAM and  the bit rates between components are too too small to handle this amount of data.  What we’ll try to do now is to just transfer the contours of the 3D shape to the FPGA. It will complete the image before displaying it by filling the LEDs between contours. Doing so we should be able to save a lot of space and thus have a working architecture. Also it came up that the Gumstix possess a SD card slot. Hence we could transfer the whole animation via wifi to the Gumstix who’ll store it on a SD card, and then run the hologram.
  • I also spent few hours to work on a PCB exercise. We have to design an embedded system based on a STM32F405. To do so we’re using MentorGraphics’s Expedition PCB. I’m almost done but I have to admit this is a tricky exercise when you do it for the first time.

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