Meet Wizzilab and first tests

Yesterday we met the team from Wizzilab. The reunion was interesting and we are now in possession of 4 wizzimotes.

This morning we proceed to the first test with the radio test program from wizzilab. Dash7 wins against XBee for outdoor range. In indoor range, Dash7 wins too, but XBee is not so far away compare to outdoor.

We proceed in tests the Dash7 have a range of 150m in the street at 10dBm. But more impressive I succeed to send a packet through 8 floors at the Maisel 1. And we succeed to catch a signal between the a406 room and the ninth floor of the maisel 1 through 2 buildings.

Capture du 2013-03-15 16:15:52

Now I’m working on the uart to send packet from the wizzimote to the computer, then we will be able to collect a lot of information, as the strength of the signal and so on.



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