Some components

Today, we have an architecture for our project, I hope that’s the last one.

I tried to chose all of the components to be able to start the schematic of the PCB.

For the FPGA we had to know how much pin we needed the result is :

  • 8*Drivers : 2 pins de configuration.
  • 2*RAM : 16 pins data    // 19 pins address    // 6 pins configuration.
  • 1*Gumstix : 27 pins communication.
  • 1*Incremental encoder : 2 pins for the incremental count.
  • 1*multiplexer : 4 pins for 16 positions (we have 32 lines of led but at the same time with the 8 drivers we have two line connected.

The result is at least 131 pins for the FPGA :

We need some verifications and when we have them we can start to do the schematic for the PCB.

Alexandre Blanchet

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