Days 26&27

Friday, we decided to test our method of detection, which consist in mesuring the capacitance of our body thanks to a RC circuit. But our conclusion, after tests, are that we can only detect if our hand touch the wire, not the presence. At the end of the day we decided to abandon this option. We thought that we were only going to have the Kinect, but on the evening, Patrick gave us the idea of the theremin, it’s an instrument of music detecting the presence of hands nearby two antennas. With this new hope, on Saturday I studied this instrument and his way of detecting, I hope we will be able to start tests soon, even if this week we have Athens.
We will receive the LED at the end of next week (I keep my fingers crossed).

On Friday I continued the placement for the PCB and did a first route, unsatisfying. So on Saturday I started another one (in fact I did it twice…), better I think. But I still can improve it.

Coralie Thourault

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