It has been a while since my last post, and a lot of things happenned.
First of all, we have a small 3*3*3 cube which allowed us to think about the best techniques to build a perfect 12*12*12 cube. On monday we will start to build a mold in order to simplify the construction of straight LED column.
Also, our list of components is almost done. We have LED, drivers for column and drivers for plates. We just miss our gyroscope, but Alexis told us about some trouble to connect it to our PCB because our PCB will be too large… So we may choose an external gyroscope. And at last, we need a micro-controller. We already have the number of pin it will need (60). But we will choose it when our components will be validated. However, we experienced some deception about our presence captor. We tried a lot on Friday but we could not manage to build a capacitor captor with a single wire. So we are thinking in other solution: just the kinect camera, or I thought about a row of infrasonic captor at the base of the cube (horizontal axis is given by the presence or not of a return signal, and distance on the vertical axis is given by the captor, so we can place the hand on a plane…) But it might be a bit too imprecise.
At last, I am now thinking on how our cube will communicate with a PC. Our first idea is to use the USB protocol (The PC is an USB host and the cube is a device). It just seem a bit complicated, so I am doing some research about other bus we can use… (Now, I am trying to use Serial over USB)
PS: I do that in parallel with another routing try on the PCB practical work.

Frederic Wylomanski

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