What kind of chip are you?

Ok, all weekend I worked on finding chips that could be useful for our project, and gather them and the main information  that concerns us, in a Google Doc spreadsheet.

Two kind of architectures are possible. Whether we use a unique chip that is a MCU and a tranceiver, whether we us two separate chip for each of this functions. Of course we will choose the solution that give us the better range with the lower consumption rate. The STM32L has consumption rate very impressive. If we choose the two separate chips architecture, it will be surely the MCU.

If you want to recommend us chips, be my guest, I’ll take a look into it with pleasure.

ROSEly yours !

Hubert Lefevre

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4 comments to What kind of chip are you?

  • drix

    Nordic semi has a system on chip with the radio and a cortex M0, would that work for you?

  • HubertLefevre

    The nRF51422? It does 2.4GHz, we want to use a lower frequency because it increases the range, but I’ll add it anyway in the table.

    Or were you talking about another chip ?

  • drix

    Hum, your’re right, I just focused on power/consumption…
    Good job for the spreadsheet !

  • Florent

    You still have the nRF9E5 ( but it’s a 8051 core which seems (much) less flexible than a Cortex to me… Don’t know if it will fit your needs!

    I also see the TI CC1101 in your spreadsheet. You might want to replace it by the CC110L which is a cost reduction; so it’s the same chip, but cheaper – no pun intended 🙂