What kind of led ?

This afternoon I tried to chose the good leds for our project by comparing  the luminosity of leds.

The result is when I chose to display a led 1/16 of time, it appear to be quite light. The intensity seen to not be enough. I tried with 1/8 of time and the luminosity was much bether.

But when I wanted to try with another type of led (the same led as RoseAce last year), Alexis and Samuel told me that we can use 8*8 led matrix for our project. We already thought about that but for us, the angle of view was not enough to see leds.

Alexis showed me an example of 8*8 matrix. The luminosity and angle of view where very nice.

I’ve sent an email to Pierre and Paulin to talk about that, I think they will find it as a good idea too.



Alexandre Blanchet

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