Beagle Board

Today we had a great meeting with the team and with the teachers. We discussed about the finalization of our architecture. Our main ideas about it have been kept, but we decide to add a Beagle Board (wlinked with our STM32 via USB) to our cube. So, the STM 32 will be “the display part” and the beagle board could be “the interactive part”. It would make more easy for us to code some “games” with the cube, and to have it interact via the Internet.

We also decided to create six large PCB directly at Telecom. These PCB will be at the base of our cube and the LED will directly connect the PCB (so no wire between the LED and the PCB).

At last, I am looking tonight to the characteristics of our demultiplexer and to “Voltage Buffer” in order to provide a 5V command to the PMOS transistor which command the plate of LED.

Frederic Wylomanski

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