Led intensity


We had a hangout with Pierre to discuss data flow and other things.

We were in conflict about the choice of our display.

Pierre wanted to choose leds, but I wanted to choose matrix of led.

His point is that matrix are too big for our plate and the mechanic will be hard.

I said the number of led is too big for weld all of them precisely.

So I tried to compare the luminosity of leds with the luminosity of the matrix.

I started to weld one led which was the same led as roseAce last year, but I didn’t succeeded I will try again tomorrow in another way.

But I still thinking that matrix are better for our project.

Alexandre Blanchet

2 comments to Led intensity

  • Efix


    I actually address this comment to all the projects :

    Now that you have a clear idea of what you are going to do, could you really explain each project shortly (and maybe with drawings) ?

    This might look like a strange (and/or stupid) request now that you are each buried deep down in your project.
    But from the outside, with only this logbook, I have a hard time to recollect what is really each project, especially with the acronyms.
    Now I may have missed something and if I have, please apologize for this post and direct me where I can find such presentations.

    For instance, I got the impression there are 2 LEDs-oriented project (HARP and Roled’s cube) and I can never tell which is which when I see a post about LEDs (!)

    The initial description if every project was vague, and that is perfectly fine and understandable, I know ROSE works this way at the beginning.
    But now, you have clear ideas of each project, but they have not yet been presented clearly in this logbook, except from hints here and there.
    It is not easy to reconstruct the whole project with that kind of partial information.

    You have dealt recently with PSSC, but the document is not public ; I don’t know if you (or your teachers) intend to make it public, but that is the kind of explanation I expect.
    I don’t really care about the internal deadlines and all, but a thorough presentation of the project and the key objectives would be nice. And like a said, drawings could be of great help.

    I know you don’t have a lot of time and I don’t expect you to invest a lot of it in what I ask.
    But I just ask for something that should seem obvious to you, so I hope you will be able to answer this request.

    Thank you very much,
    François-Xavier (ROSE 2010)

  • Felix


    And I’ll add that adding the project name in the title of every project related post would be great for those following via rss.