New start !

Okay first of all, I’m sorry for the last week I haven’t written anything on the logbook whereas I was working !

We worked on the capsense librairie which is made fr Arduino. We would realize a capacitive sensor. The hand of a user can be represented by a capacitance and wires from our cube can be seen as an antenna. It seems that we haven’t choose the right resistors and capacitances so I will try later !

Why later you will think ? Because, we were late on the architecture. We only had some ideas. Maybe for some points they were precise but for others they weren’t. With the group and Alexis and Samuel we had this meeting tonight ! I think it was a new beginning. it helps us to rethink architecture and I will describe the major points.

  • Alexis explains the things to know about MOSFET transistor. It was interesting because i only knew the bipolar ones and the utilization is very different.
  • Some points on the alimentation
  • Then, we had a pretty big deal : “do we prefer a beagleboard or a microprocessor ?” After discussion, the answer is  : … suspense … A beagleboard AND a µproc !  Is it too much ? We don’t think so. We will use the beagle board with high level applications (connections to the internet for an exemple or to run an application which needs more ressources) and the µproc for the control of the drivers. The two cards will discuss on a USB bus. Why ? We can had a switch. The beagleboard will be used when the product needs to work as an embedded system but after switching we can use the same bus to discuss with a quad core computer or an android smartphone and his all range of sensors.
  • One problem stays ! PCB(s). Indeed, we can’t make a PCB of 500×500 at PCB Pool. (In reality, i’ve made a test we can but it costs 867€ whereas a 100×100 will cost ~120 €). So we have decided to try to use the PCB tool at school… It might work and it will be cool. We can only use one layer and the maximum size needs to be the one from a A4 page. So we will have 6 of this under our cube.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything and if I have my coworkers will help me !

We can start now the work on the electrical scheme. As soon as this work is finished we can start solder leds. We have them and we have started to build the structure that will help us to make a perfectly perpendicular and regular cube.

More infos quickly !

Thibaut Collette

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