USB rate

Yesterday, with Victor and the help of Samuel, I tested the rate of the USB Bus between the STM32 of our TP card and a PC.

The beginning was difficult because I was tired and for something others can consider as easy I took me a lot of time. USB, serial over USB, Python -> all this things that i didn’t and needed to manage in order to succeed this test.

Capture d'écran - 21032013 - 19:20:19

A small piece of code to make a read command in the USB’s test shell in ChibiOs

Capture du 2013-03-21 19:19:45


The sent command

And finally the answer

We precedly made the same test in the other direction.

The results are :

  • 5 Mb/s from PC to STM32
  • 4 Mb/s from STM32 to PC

We only need 1,3 Mb/s for ours applications so it will be perfect !

Thibaut Collette

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