Zeroing in on the architecture

So here we are with the basis of our architecture. Lots of fun ahead !


On a more personal level, I’ve had quite a crazy week. Along with the SystemC intensive course (which was pretty good and some fun) I’ve spent all evenings in A406 testing stuff on Sphero, figuring out what we could do – we’re getting to know that little thing rather well !Also for the last two days I’ve been trying to test IRDA using the MBLEDs former ROSE projects – so far, no success. The more we look into using IRDA, the more we discover there is to set and configure. Internet is rather helpless, so is ChibiOS documentation, and since the MBLED code is written for FreeRTOS, it’s not quite clear what is useful, what isn’t or even what things mean. But it’s good practice for later. And we’re thinking of using MBLEDs as obstacles or Checkpoints for RoseRolls – that would be super cool. Anyway, lots of fun and work ahead. First of all, PCB design ! We need to make sure we can stick to our deadline, and also we need to modify a few PSSCs according to the new ideas we’ve had that replaced other ones. And I’ll try to get my routing lab done – but I have to admit it’s rather hard with all the stuff piled up ! Hope to get some of it well done at least. But for now I’m hungry and tired, so checking out !

Charles THIN

ROSE 2013

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