[HARP] Eventually going in the right direction…

Today we had a meeting with our instructors about the project. They told us we weren’t going in the right direction with our architecture. Since we were running out of time they gave us the basics of a working one. I was quite upset since we’ve been wasting a lot of time on trying various architectures and haven’t been able to finalize one.

This morning I worked on this final architecture (components and schematics) and updated the post describing it .

Our team needs to have a working PCB for thursday evening so that we can be able to finish the project on time. For that reason I hurried and spent the rest of the day to route our STM32 practicing exercise. I’m almost finished (more than 90% is routed, only some grounds left) and will be done tomorrow morning. I will then be able to work on the PCB of our project and I’m hoping I will get it done for thursday.

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