tests, definitions and playing with kinect

Hello all,

So last week was Athens week and with classes from 8h30 to 17h we had less time to work on our projects. However we took some important decisions and advanced in some areas. We made the USB speed test to see if our bus would be enough for transfering images to the cube and it is! We got 4-5 Mbits/s when we needed just 1 Mbit/s. The components have been chosen and the PCB is being designed.

This weekend, after a lot of reasearch, we got some initial success with the Kinect. Knowing that we want it to work “embedded” we’ll have to run it over linux in our beagleboard. This makes things much more complicated since we don’t have the official SDK neither support (only for Windows).

Analysing the open source options, the first one to be tested was Open Kinect (freenect library). It wouldn’t agree with my GPU but some googling I found out that I needed to install Bumblebee ( The first impressions can be viewed in the image below.


The left image is colored by distance from the camera. The library also gives me control of the height to which it points (it’s motorized!) and to the color of the led on it.

The next step is to test a higher level library so perhaps we can have access to some body detection. And let another week begin!

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