[HARP] Starting schematic and new Mecanic


Some progress have been made. We started the schematic for our PCB :

Power supply have been connected. For that, we have read some datasheet to find which value of capacitor and resistance we had to chose.

We started to connect the led driver and the gumstix.

And I also did  a new solidwork assembly with the new architecture. Here are some pictures.


Alexandre Blanchet

3 comments to [HARP] Starting schematic and new Mecanic

  • Will the top be opaque?

  • Pierre Guceski

    It was just to have an idea of the shape, but it’s not complete (we still need to put the position captor for our pcb).
    We wanted to do the top in plexiglass in order that even lay on a table the observer could see the hologram. (We have seen Mr.Croullebois this morning and he told us that it was possible to do the top in plexiglass).
    The final design is coming soon..

  • (by “captor” I guess you mean “sensor”)