[HARP] The Phantom Menace

Yesterday we had a meeting with our instructors about the project. They told us we weren’t going in the right direction with our architecture. Since we were running out of time they gave us the basics of a working one. exit the FPGA, we will just use a Gumstix and our LEDs Matrx will be only 16*16.

Even it looks easier, because our architecture has been greatly simplified, we have to be really careful because our Gumstix allow only on its I/O pin 1.8 V.
So we have to be tricky in order to not burn our Gumstix or this time we will be in a really great sh**
I will start my PCB today while Paulin and Alex will work on the project. So we have always someone working on our HARP project, because now it’s just a question of time, the HARP pcb have to be finished on Thursday or who knows what would happen..

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