[HARP] around the clock

Today after 12 hours of reading hundreds of datasheets, comparing dozen and dozen of components. We have made a huge step in the advancement of our HARP project.

I have found all the component we needed, and I’m waiting for approval.

Because of that we have almost finished the schematics and the design of the pcb (Alex, Paulin and I  relayed all day long in order to finish it before every one goes to bed) nevertheless we all so need approval for what we did.

About the mechanical part we have see the expert this morning and he asked us for precises plans of our final device. Alex made a representation on solidworks of the HARP project (there is still some missing parts but the main ideas is here) in order to have a better visual and i made the plans with all the measures. We will see him tomorrow in order to know where we can buy the structure elements and how much it will cost us.

objective of tomorrow: finish the pcb, finish the global design, and get everything approve by Alexis and Samuel



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