Never been so close

I haven’t post since a long time but this doesn’t mean I haven’t work!

I spent the last days making PCB, and doing it again, and doing it again. Not because I did it bad, I don’t know it yet, but because each time we changed something… This time I think it’s over, so we may start to solder our LEDs this weekend.

The new changes are in majority about sensors. At a moment we thought we will link all our captors directly on the stm32, then we thought we were going to put a stm32 on each card (we have six big cards under our cube with the drivers), then we changed those stm32 to  AVR, and yesterday we chose to put tinyAVR directly on the cube, one AVR per detector all linked by a I2C bus. What’s more we added a Beagleboard. That let us with : one Beagleboard, one stm32 and 45 AVR.

Conclusion : we have a Beagleboard which makes all the treatment, a STM32 in charge of the display and collecting datas from the captors: an accelerometer and 5×9 presence sensors (the tiny AVR).

Coralie Thourault

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