Moving forward

Hey, it’s been a few days since my last post.

For the last days I helped Quentin and Charles making the pcb, at first I said that i didn’t want to work on it since I already did some pcb before and I know how painfull it can be. But I ended up working on it anyway. We were 3 behind a computer trying to improve the design and i liked our way of working together and seeing things that we could have missed alone. I took some time to finish my own pcb, there are some mistakes, I should have spent some time reviewing each function but i wanted to move forward so I spared me some time. In the end the design satisfies me.

We move on to software development. Since I do this for a year and a half now as an apprentice, I’ve got some experience to share on the organizational part. Quentin also had some experience so we decided to use some of the agile methods to improve our efficiency and learn some professional skills that can be useful later.

We settled on what methods to use, how we will use github tracking system to choose which tasks we will work on during each sprints. We will do continuous integration and use as much as possible non regression tests. All this to make the cleaner and best code as possible. I started to work on the product backlog and the repository architecture, with Quentin we also started to write down our soft architecture and some module specifications. So for now i’m much more confident about where the project is going and I think we can do a really good and fun job. There are cons however, for example we aren’t still sure if we will be able to use the bluetooth chip without changing each of it’s gpio manually. Today we found in the user manual that we can do everything we want using the command mode of the chip so it’s reassuring. In 3 days we will receive our pcb so we want to start as early as possible the software to be ready when the boards will be soldered.


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