During this long week end

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Hello everyone, This week-end was a turning point in our project. Coralie and Fred with my and Victor’s help managed to finished the PCB. It is now in production and we hope that we will receive it next tuesday. I started with Coralie to solder leds. We are now at 12 columns -> 1/12 of the 144 columns needed. For my part, I work on installing Ubuntu on the BeagleBoard xM. It worked but one of the Sd card was too small in capacity and the other was too slow. So I brought a new one and now it works very well. I learnt a lot about Linux options, it was interesting. Finally, tonight we succeeded with Victor to install Kinect on the BeagleBoard. Calculations seem to work but when you display the video during the calculations the system has difficulties. After ? Python, solder, software

Thibaut Collette

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