[HARP] Pixel art!

Since our PCB is almost done I’m now more focused on the graphical part, that is converting 3D shapes into data fit for our embedded system.

Our definitive architecture features four small 8×8 LED matrix for a total 16×16 display, which is a very small resolution. I’ve tried several conversions from a normal image (size of 1000×1000) to a small one for our screen and the results were disappointing. For that reason I took the decision to display pixel art on our system to have aesthetic shapes!

A 16×16 image

The web is full of  pictures and .gif animations that can be shown on our LED matrix. Moreover a conversion is not even necessary since it is possible to use a library like Magick Wand or Magick Core to read files on our GumStix. Also we have the possibility to create pictures or animation quickly.

Small animation

four frame animation

It’s very easy to collect pictures and animations for our system but it’s more difficult to get 3D pixel art shapes. While looking for some I found a website full of 16x16x16 shapes. It’s also possible to edit shapes online. Their system use 16 layers of 16×16 which happens to be quite a good alternative for us.

Qblock 3D pixel art

 During the next few days I will try to convert such arrays into a wanted number of projections around the shape. If the result is satisfactory then we will keep this representation.
Afterwards I will work on transforming more complicated shapes using blender and scripts, but I still don’t know how I will succeed in making good rendering.


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