Tuesday, April 2nd

This morning I worked on preparing the board.h for our ChibiOS project. Quentin and Charles had also done so but not the push-pull/ pull-up part.

Today we worked on our specifications for the software of RoseRolls and thus continued the work that Quentin and Loik had started during the week-end.

More specifically I am working on the specification of our Bootloader and how we are going to put our software in Flash so we can safely upgrade it. So far, I’ve come to the point that we don’t really need to have two images of the firmware in flash, we just need to be able to flash via bluetooth using the bootloader. If the firmware doesn’t work we will just have to reflash it. I feel we don’t need to upgrade the firmware without service interruption since the upgrade should happen on a  very seldom basis after the development phase. I am just waiting for the rest of the group approval  on this point.

Tonight I will continue to work on my STM32, I have fallen a bit behind with this because I wanted to give priority to the project so far. I have worked on it this week-end too but met with some problems compiling the schematics (which I thought were almost done 🙁 ).


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