The alpha version current state

As I said earlier, I was working on an alpha version for the protocol!
Here is where we are:

We have successfully synchronized the message list of two different nodes, and we have successfully made a dead drop!
Witch means:
the message list synchronization, the message exchange and the tombstones exchanges were made successfully.
For those who read the other posts, we said we wont be working with the tombstones, but they were implemented in the alpha version so that in case we decide to work with it latter, it won’t be that hard (and I myself am very favorable for using them too) =)

What don’t work yet:
If we have 3 nodes in the same area, messages are coming with errors and some magic messages appear witch is obviously a great problem!
We were able to send a message to an intermediate node witch routed the message for a third node, but to do this the three nodes must not be in the same rf area in the same time.

What I will be working on now:
1-> implementing the USB communication (so we can use the computer to send and receive messages and start working at the android application)
2-> make it works properly when more then one node is together.
3-> Keep reading the transceiver datasheet so we won’t lose any time to when it arrives (the good news is that from what I read from the datasheet, it will be easier then I thought, the not so good one is that I thought it was impossible)

Since our cards will be using an STM32L witch is also compatible with chibios, the software adaptation will be very easy!
Other details we will be working on will be adapting the message stockage protocol from the simple list to the complex scheme that is being prepared and making special kinds of message to facilitate the user life, for example, a localisation message, so we can know where and when was the last time one of our friend was seen.

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