[RoseRolls] First Sprint

Today was the end of our first (short) sprint. We took advantage of this moment to celebrate Selrak’s birthday.
Out of 14 opened task (we don’t count cookies), we managed to achieve 5 tasks, and 4 other are in progress.

Our conclusion for the sprint are the following ones:

  • The work done during the sprint is satisfying.
  • We enjoyed the ability to cut the project in small units.
  • We liked to have short deadlines, imposed by the sprint, that made us more willing to work.
  • We were happy to finally be able to code after a long time of planning.
  • We feel like sometime we should go deeper in the things we work on.
  • We are slowed by not having our board to test features.
  • We don’t master yet the git branch system.

We assume that time and practice will help us to solve our problems.
We agreed that the Scrum method is effective and we want to keep it for the moment.

We also worked to prepare the next sprint. We want to :

  • Work on the remaining tasks
  • Work on the boot-loader
  • Include the compass in the architecture

We are looking forward to receive our board!
May Rose roll(s).





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