[HARP] First animation file / GPIO and SPI on the Gumstix

Yesterday Alexandre and sepnd the day looking for how to make interfaces for SPI and GPIO. It’s actually easy to modify the GPIO from the kernel or stream file but making interfaces using the registers is more tricky. Were have been working on it today and we should have results soon. Also Wifi connection is working so OpenSSH, emacs, Git, ImageMagick and MagickCore lib has been installed. We created a user for each of us and we can work at the same time on the Gumstix.

I made a program to make an animation by rotating a projection. It outputs a 2 seconds animation (32 frames of 32 projections) in a Gif file. MagickCore library runs fine on the Gumstix so we will use it to read our files, pixels etc…

Tomorrow I will continue working on the interfaces.

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