WAMI PCB soldered -> check !

Hello everyone, today I’m glad to introduce WAMI PCB, that has been soldered yesterday night.

We’ve got 5 buddies that I would like to show you, (see the photo below)

I’m not a pro at editing photos but I would like to tell you more about the components that you can see below.

We’ll take the top board and we’ll see from left to right, then from top to bottom what we can find out there :

A 5.5V supply plug that’s connected to a switching regulator which supplies a 12V voltage for the H-bridge. The H-bridge is used to drive the ultrasonic emitters.

A second 3.3V switching regulator is used to supply the rest of the board : mainly the MPU (STM32F405RG), the micro USB plug, the Xbee transceiver and the JTAG port + USART port for debug purposes.

The other non soldered part is related to an audio codec and in/out plugs that we could try to use if we have time by the end of the project.

There are other things yet to come so stay tuned ! (Wait, there’s a pun in there ! If you didn’t catch it, don’t blame yourself)


Issam Outassourt

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