HaWaDeD Works

Before explaining the title, let’s summarised this week:

Monday, potatoes at the RAB.

Tuesday, potatoes at the RAB, and we have the PCB delivered.

Wednesday, potatoes at the RAB, and we realize that the mask is missing in order to solder the SX1231.

Thursday, potatoes at the RAB, and the mask send in emergency by PCB-Pool is not the good one, someone, somewhere has our.

Friday, the nice company, send nicely our mask. We can solder, but not today, there’s potatoes to eat at the RAB.

Saturday, potatoes at midi express because the RAB is closed, and we cannot solder the SX1231, because the PCB is wrong.

We have to do it again ! But at least there will be potatoes at the RAB.


Anyway, we have soldered a Half WaDeD, and it Works(so the title). At least the led.


Otherwise, we have a started to explicit the protocol, soon you will have a detailed article about it.


And I lied, all week I didn’t eat potatoes at the RAB, but on behalf of the work of several people who wanted to be the next student office. Big thanks for Abedgers and Exbedables that brought food directly in a406. And thanks for BEDzoum for putting Patrick Sebastien’s song in my head, all week long.

Hubert Lefevre

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