Where I am in Roled

It’s been a long time since I haven’t post, but I mostly soldered LEDs together, and set an environment for our card to work, so it wasn’t really exciting for you.

For our cube, we soldered the 144 columns of 12 LEDs, and the 12 floors of 12 columns. Now we only wait for 5 big PCB to make our cube (we already have one 😀 ) and show you beautiful animations. We have the PCB of our mainbard, it’s all soldered, and for a few hours I can flash on our processor and even communicate through SPI! To see what I send through SPI I use a logic analyser (Saleae). Our cube will be sticked in a wood board and, the 6 big boards will be screwed on under the wood board.Tomorrow, thanks to our big PCB, I’ll (try to) light on a LED soldered in the PCB using the driver which communicates with our board in SPI.Have a good night!

Coralie Thourault

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