[HARP] it boots it boots !

Hello all,

Yeasterday, for the first time we succeed to boot our gumstix while it was turning on the HARP structure, it may not look so impressive, but we almost all cry, for the first time we had the confirmation that the theories of our project were correct and the HARP project will just not be a simple blower with some leds on it.
Since there is a long time since i didn’t post, here we are in the HARP project:

  • The mechanics works pretty well (we make an earthquake every time we set the motor up, but we are going to equilibrate the rotating part a little bit more)
  • The gumstix can boot on the HARP structure (and the transfer of current on the rotating part is working)
  • We can connect ourselves in SSH on the gumstix while it’s turning (or not)
  • We can run our program on the turning gumstix
  • we can display one led on one line into the color we want on the rotating matrix.

Next steps:

  •  Display a complete image on a matrix
  • Fix the bug on the two last matrix
  • Starting to use the Hall effect sensor




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