Finally, we have our boards. Since our project is not visual at all, and that the only thing you will really see of our work is the PCB, here is a lot a pictures.

SAMSUNG First time holding a WaDeD.

SAMSUNG It’s a small thing isn’t it?

photo Here’s them  with antenna. Is it a W? What it stands for? I wonder…

DCIM100GOPRO  WaDeD has a lot of friends, here is HARP.

DCIM100GOPRO Here’s 4 WaDeD sleeping on the mattress of LED of Roled.

DCIM100GOPRO And now they have been awake by ROSE Rolls, they’re going out….

DCIM100GOPRO But King WaDeD is watching. And say: “No, you will not go out, there’s a lot of danger outside”.

DCIM100GOPRO  And indeed. Here’s a picture of a psychopath that have captured 3 poor WaDeD.

DCIM100GOPRO  And here is another one who is eating one!!!!!!!

DCIM100GOPRO At least this one is nice with the WaDeD 🙂



DCIM100GOPRO  Stupid guy… You knew that WaDeD were tiny but powerfull!

DCIM100GOPRO Oh my god!! what are you doing?

DCIM100GOPRO  Anyway, there’s not only threats ! There’s friends of WaDeD too. Here’s the Roled team!

DCIM100GOPRO Here’s 4 WaDeD that disturb JB form working.

DCIM100GOPRO The same here, but this time WAMI board helps our WaDeD disturbing Issam.

DCIM100GOPRO   Well let’s play at where are the WaDeD among all the people a A406!

DCIM100GOPRO  And a splendid picture of the WaDeD team ! And whatever someone could have said earlier, they are nice guys!


[Serious mode] For the last two days, I prepared a file, with all the values of the registers of the SX1231, and the typical value.
ROSEly yours!


Hubert Lefevre

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