main card and bootloader


As we are getting closer to the end, days are becoming longer. We spent the week-end trying to make our main card work and light a led. We had a lot of trouble to get the right openocd configuration file and then to be able to control the card because we had a bug in our board.h (MCU pins configuration file in ChibiOS). Our driver boards had to be remade but we managed to use the old one to light a LED through the drivers.
Later, I started to work on the sensors and the final decision is that we’ll use a bootloader ( in the tinyAVRs so we can easily flash our code in case something goes wrong once the micro controllers are on the cube. I also studied how to use the BeeProg, a Microcontroller Programmer and also the bootloader.

Today I finally got the bootloader into the AVR after many (43) tries but I need a cable to connect it to the TP card to flash our code.

I made small code to light a led and I hope it works once as I can test it.


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