[HARP] A PLL and some new gifs ?

Today I worked on 2 main things :

I tried to use a program called autohotkey, to create some gifs (usable with our project) from 3D images 16*16*16 voxels on the site qblock. The program worked, but too slowly…

I keep searching another way to create these gifs.

I also worked on a part of a kernel module created by Paulin. I had to create a PLL from an interrupt source. We want to keep a good speed measure even if we miss one or more interrupts from the hall sensor.

Tomorrow I keep working on it.

Alexandre Blanchet

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  • Phh

    I’m not really familiar with PLLs, but if i remember correctly, it requires a stable (as in constant periods) and “high” frequency input (like more than 1MHz), so I’m wondering wether your new clock works ? (good thing is that the output is also really stable, so no worries about lost events)