First I would like to thank wordpress for saving the title of my draft after I finished it. It’s not like the content was useful…

So, again, this post is about the story of a connection between an Android and a WaDeD.

First, we had only an Android, and no WaDeD, so it was not possible to test the actual connection. But Google provided a simple API that was supposed to dialog easily with USB devices, for Android 3 and up. So we found an Android 4, but we could not test the connection with no device, and any attempt to simulate a USB connection was unsuccessful. No problem, we’ll wait for the WaDeD.

Then came the WaDeD. And it was easy to communicate though USB with it through a computer. But we had no adequate cable. No problem, we’ll wait for the cables.

Then came the cables. They sure were micro USB to micro USB cable, but one end was micro USB A, that no one uses. But that is the closest cable to what we want that exists. No problem, we’ll solder our own cable.

Then came the solder. With my legendary soldering skills (not!) and the help and advice from Hubert, we made the cable we wanted. But it did not work, even with applications from Google Live that worked for other. No problem, we’ll find a On The Go cable.

Then came the On The Go Cable. There is no easier. Just plug for instance an USB key and it is detected but the Android. At least it is supposed to. Because Google decided to disable this functionality in its devices. Well we were not able to make it work with any Android device we had.

So it seems we won’t be able to connect the WaDeD to an Android.

So what are our alternatives:

  • We could use a USB to Bluetooth board, that makes the bridge from USB to Bluetooth. This solution is close to what we wanted. But since we have no time to make this board, we’ll have to use a computer instead…
  • Since we have to use a computer, why bother using the Android at all. We could just have a program on the computer. But this is far from what we wanted, but in a second hypothetical time we would just have to make a small LCD + keyboard device to replace the computer.

Well, this is a sad time for WaDeD, and we did not see it coming, since the Internet seemed to acknowledge the fact that Android devices can be used as USB host. But not with our Android devices…


Flashnews: using Issam’s smartphone, we were able to detect an USB key! But the WaDeD was undetected… Anyway we won’t work on Issam smartphone, so it just prove that it is not our fault if we can make any connection.


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