WaDeD Alpha news

It has been a while since I said something here, but I came with good news.
The Waded Alpha is done!

We have finished to make a program to the tp boards that implements all the dead drops concept.
Even though the program is a dumb version of the WaDeD that is to come, it is still a smart one.

WaDeD alpha consist in an almost stateless node that stock messages in a simple linked list.

The program sends from time to time 8 message IDs from his list, the other nodes that will check which ID they have or not.
They will ask for them in case they don’t have it, will send their tombstones in case they’re already dead. And, case neither case is true, he will check in his list that someone have already made those nodes broadcast, so they won’t send it in their next ID broadcast.

The Alpha is also conscious of its network, if it plans to send a message, and someone send that same message, or a similar one, he’ll avoid repeating needless information.

Alpha user interface:
Since it’s connected trough USB, it uses this bus to send and receive commands from the user. Commands are strings made by human readable characters finished by a linefeed.
The commands already implemented are:
send_txt1 – this command is followed by the message and destiny id and the message itself. Used to insert messages in the network
send_txt2 – same as above, but creates an ID himself
set_id – followed by the ID the user wish to have.
WaDeD answers:
nack – returned when an error occurred. this message is followed by an error value
rec_txt – message destined to the user. It’s followed by the source’s id and the message
rec_tombstone – tombstone delivered to a message which has the user as source. This way the user can know if a message he sent was received.

Next steps: adaptations!!!
Adapt the code to run in the WaDeD boards.
Change the radio functions to use the transceiver
Change the way messages are stored from a list to a tree.

There is still a long way to go, but I’m proud of the Alpha state!
(obs: I’m really amazed by the teachers participation in the project, I have never seen a teacher make a white night helping students)
(obs2: That led cube is freaking amazing!!)

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